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Paris Mythic Tour

Paris facets are manifold.

This tour, thanks to its duration, will show you many of them. Take the time to see both classic spots and off the beaten tracks ones for an unforgettable result.

Indeed, Paris was made by a subtle alliance of numerous concepts throughout its History, that dates back to the beginning of France, 2500 years ago.

Be part of a time travel ! You will enjoy much more than Haussmannian and modern day areas because Paris is a patchwork of various architectural styles.

From the oldest mansion of Paris, alchemist Nicolas Flamel’s one (14th century), to the new style Publicis Drugstore shop on Champs Elysées avenue, driving passed the marvels of the Marais, we’ll delight your eyes with the treats of different times.

Yes, History has made Paris.

Re-discover it in the mythic tour.

3 testimonials for Paris Mythic Tour

Default Avatar - 18/08/2017 -

Very pleasant

We loved the ride in 2cv. John Paul was a very nice guide prepared and at the same time, and a good chaffeur too. 2:00 nice in this typical car that can go into the small streets where the tour buses can not go ... Thank you John Paul

Default Avatar - 18/08/2017 -


A visit unforgettable thanks to Yves our wonderful guide! He took the time to understand our desires and he was very accommodating! A visit to Paris as few people have the chance to do with very interesting stories! It has even been down the 2CV was top down to see a sort of small castle (which I forgot the name dsl Yves!). We strongly recommend and maybe we will remake the visit by night this winter!

Default Avatar - 11/08/2017 -


The drive at night was beautiful and took us down some streets we didn't know about. The car was... rustic, but that's exactly what was advertised and what we expected.

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