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Would you rather go for the hustle and bustle of the city or the calm of a river ?

You will not have to choose as you will do both. Start with a hectic road tour in the core of Paris that will take you to its busy avenues, then take an easy break with a cruise on the Seine. it's more relaxed but not less gorgeous.

You are hesitating between two possibilities ? Problem solved, go for both ! First, a 1h tour in Paris in places that cannot be seen from the Seine for a wonderful time, then another 1h tour but on the waters.

Get on a famous péniche that carries you between the left and right banks so that your eyes devour unforgettable sights from a unique spot. This is a great success because 2CV + péniche = unforgettable souvenirs, such as Paris.

Warning: return with 2CV not included after the cruise.


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