Fashion Tour - 2h

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Whether you come during the fashion week or not, Paris is always up to dress and be as elegant as possible.

If you want to know everything about Fashion this tour is for you. Fashion needs to be updated all the time so we need to have a look to the main places where designers show their creation wether they are famous or on the way to be so

Itinerary of the tour *

First we go to Champs elysées just to check the new Louis Vuitton decorations. We make a short stop in the gardens of Espace Pierre cardin. From there we go to Rue du Faubourg saint Honoré. Just pick your favorite brand and have a look to the vitrines. We see Rue Cambon, rue Saint Honoré and we make another stop at Colette, The most Hype shop in Paris.

Another wonderful stop in Jardins du Palais Royal to enjoy the gardens and the legendary designers from XXth century shops with gowns in exhibition. Now time to have a look to the Big brands, Chanel, Dior, avenue Montaigne. We finish our tour at Musée GAlliera between Eiffel Tower and Champs elysées.

* The itinerary may vary depending on traffic or your desires.


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